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Excursions: Associazione Riportiamo alla Luce

Province: Palermo | Ville: Palermo | Vues: 10491

Excursions Associazione Riportiamo alla Luce Riportiamo alla Luce is a no-profit Association born in 2002 and made up of professionals and teachers who are committed in the field of environmental protection and in the revaluation of culture meant as a direct expression of our past. Some of the Associations purposes are:
The organization of activities that aim to better offers quality with regard to the improvement of cultural, naturalistic and / or environmental heritage and to the dynamics of cultural tourism;
The innovatory management of goods and services related to the enjoyment of cultural, environmental and naturalistic goods and sites;
Different kinds of guided hiking: naturalistic, historical - archaeological, geological, speleological, architectonic.
So, our will is to rediscover Parks and Nature Reserves, very green lungs, through trekking, hiking and environmental education; to rediscover towns and villages, not only the maritime ones, with their historical cultural heritage, as well as their popular traditions and folklore.
We rediscover together nature, prehistory, history, traditions, in other words, we rediscover the culture which permeates Sicily.

Info et contactsInfo et contacts

Via Della Ferrovia A San Lorenzo, 3 - 90146
Palermo (Palermo)

Mobile: 346/6778346

E-mail: presidente@riportiamoallaluce.org

Website: http://www.riportiamoallaluce.org

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