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Produits typiques: Sicilia Ca Firria

Province: Trapani | Ville: Marsala | Vues: 6022

Produits typiques Sicilia Ca Firria "Sicilia ca Firria" was born with the idea to expand and promote flavors of traditional Sicilian food and also to produce and distribute food items strictly genuine, prepared in the old fashioned way, just like our grandparents did.
Sicilian scents, flavors, essences and passion are enclosed in the brand name " Sicilia ca Firria ". Our history is made of tradition, passion and diligence, just to reach the hearts of people with ancient flavours and culinary traditions of our territory.
We strongly want to satisfy the customer needs making special a family lunch or dinner, just like you should do with your own skills to serve your guests.
Sicilia ca Firria offers on the market a wide range of specialities: typical sicilian Appetizers, different Creams and Pat to spread on toasted bread, Condiments and Sauces to flavor delicious pasta dishes, the extra virgin olive Oil , table and fortified Wines, the handmade Pasta, Bread and Sweets.
Sicilia ca Firria collaborates with farmers who are still working with the priority of the quality to bring only healty products to our tables and so our items are made by seasonal products grew up in open fields.

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C/da Ciancio 410/b - 91025
Marsala (Trapani)

Mobile: 3488938934

Fax: 0923/723552

E-mail: info@siciliacafirria.com

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