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Volcano Etna

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The highest active volcano of Europe and UNESCO world heritage

Tourist places: Volcano Etna

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Mount Etna is a majestic volcano located on the eastern side of the island of Sicily (37°44′00″ N 15°00′00″E).

Its height, over 3300 meters above the sea level, makes it the highest and widest subaerial volcano in continental Europe, the highest mountain of the mediterranean basin and also the most elevated italian peak south of the mountain range of the Alps. 

It overlooks the Jonian sea on its eastern side, it is surrounded by the Simeto river to the western and the southern side and to the North by the Alcantara river.

This volcano covers an area of ​​approximately 1200 km2, it has a North-South diameter of about 35 km, a perimeter of about 135 km and is bordered to the North by the Nebrodi and Peloritani mountains and to the South by the highland of Iblei mountain.

Mount Etna is a kind of giant fire place in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea: a necessary consideration in order to understand what an extraordinary ecosystem represents today that this is the highest active volcano in Europe.

A high temperature range, the continuous succession of eruptions, the variety of scenery (from the sea to the forests to lava flows) make this a varied habitat which suits an incredible number of plant and animal species.

But beware: more than 2500 meters does not grow anything except the occasional broom. During an excursion that remains etched in memory, sitting on an outcropping of lava cooled prematurely from freezing nights, contemplaremo together, aiming from the Aeolian islands, the extraordinary fusion of fire and water, earth and air.



VIDEO: Etna Unesco World Heritage

Video made by Antonio Zimbone, winner of the first contest fotovideo "Etna Unesco World Heritage", organized by Antonio Parrinello in collaboration with the Association Identitas.


VIDEO: Etna suggestions

Video made by SiciliaParchi.com with many useful and interesting information.



Photo album Photo album: Volcano Etna

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