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Stairway of the Turks

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An unforgettable experience along the southern coast of Sicily.

Tourist places: Stairway of the Turks

Scala dei turchi, Stairway of the Turks
Is one of the most surreal and unique places of Sicily, located on the coast, which starts from the town of Porto Empedocle characterized by small beaches surmounted by a cliff in white marl, a sedimentary rock of limestone and clay, with its characteristic pure white color, on the seafront near the town of Realmonte. In August 2007 the province made an official request to the UNESCO to make this site, along with the villa aurea (Roman times), in the list of World Heritage sites.

The name of the Stairway of the Turks comes from its natural form smoothed by the wind over the centuries and from the incursions by Arab populations who, according to legend moored their ships in the waters of the marl bay which represented an excellent less windswept protected harbor.

The Stairway of the Turks is located approximately ten miles from the town of Porto Empedocle. In 2003, the municipality decided to adopt Vigata as the second name of the place, in homage to the main character of the novels of the Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri: Commissario Montalbano.

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Drone Time Lapse Scala dei Turchi, Eraclea, Siculiana, Falconara

Eraclea Minoa
The ruins of the ancient Greek city reported in the “Verrine” of Cicero can be found in the archaeological area of the roman town of Cattolica Eraclea in the province of Agrigento. Its name comes from Eracle and from the legend that King Minos chased Dedalo up to this place in Sicily to punish him for his help given to Ariadne and Theseus to go out of the Cretan Labyrinth. Minos would then have perished in these places by the hand of the a sican king.

From the plateau on which are the ruins of the city and of the theater one can enjoy a wonderful view of the pine forest as part of the natural reserve of the river Platani and the blue color of the Mediterranean sea that breaks on the white cliffs of calcareous marl.

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Agrigento scala dei turchi Eraclea minoa scala dei turchi

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