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About Us

AlcantaraEtna.it is a portal for dissemination and promotion of tourism online. Our interest is to give information of various kinds to tourists wishing to visit Sicily and facilitate its use.

This information is diversified and divided into 4 macro areas in order to reach the information that interests them as simply and quickly as possible.

We offer the opportunity to contact customers and owners wishing to rent a `home for the holidays, or offer their catering services or technical assistance, directly and without intermediaries.


La strategia di AlcantaraEtna.itOur strategy: a development that aims to facilitate the search of businesses and direct contact with their owners.
The descriptive richness and `functional ergonomics proposal to users are the result of a process of qualitative work and rigorous.


Our goalOur goal: to be the medium for the dissemination of reference of holidaymakers and advertisers in search of a place of `convivial meeting and reassuring and that foster the establishment of relations of trust.


Our planOur plan: eliminate the borders and distances approaching the offer to the question relating to rental property for vacations, catering and service offer tourist assistance.


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