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Companies in Aidone

B&b Il Ponte -aidone

Rating: 1.7 | Country: Enna | Town: Aidone

The B & B is situated in Aidone, a small town in the heart of Sicily, about 70 km away from the Airport in Catania and 10 km away from Piazza Armerina of the Roman Villa which is part of the UNESCO heritage. Overlooks P.za Cultreri, the bus stop to all tourist coaches and buses, and is near P.za F. Cordova, the historical and business centre of

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Il Drago

Rating: 2.4 | Country: Enna | Town: Aidone

We, the Sicilians are depositaries of an ancient culture, that comes from almost three thousand years of history, not yet contaminated by the modernity. n important and integral part of this heritage is the sacredness of the guest that visits our land and our house. The hospitality has to be always from friends to put you really get ease even if

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