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Excursions: Etna Est

Country: Catania | Town: Tremestieri Etneo | Views: 3542

Etna Est is a company present on the territory since 2001.
It involves a team geologists, vulcanologists, hiking guides, experts in the magical land of Etna and lovers of its history, hovering for millennia between myth and reality.
We organize Etna excursions, food and wine tours, guided visits to the most beautiful places of Eastern Sicily and Etna. And we all have a common goal: to make you fall in love with our land and its natural treasures.
Choose your itinerary and love your dream with Etna Est.

Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Novaluce, 70 - 95030
Tremestieri Etneo (Catania)

Mobile Phone: 327/7972212

E-mail: info@etnaest.com

Website: http://www.etnaest.com

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