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Excursions: Escursionietna

Country: Catania | Town: Catania | Views: 4732

Excursions Escursionietna When speaking of Etna, speaking of Etna eruptions.
Who has never heard of paroxysms Etna eruptions or raise your hand.
As one knows Etna is in continuous eruption, assist to frequent eruptions of variable duration and intensity. And we thank you very much for these gifts.
We decided to create this page dedicated to the world of Etna eruptions with the purpose to publish the latest most beautiful eruptions.
Below is a video of me realized that encompasses the most significant moments of one of the latest eruptions of 'Etna.
Obviously are amateur videos so remember that we are professional in making excursions and not video :) so below I leave you our best proposals of excursion:
How to make a 'excursion to Mount Etna?
1) Choose the trekking you want directly from the home page of this site by clicking on: www.EscursioniEtna.com find our 50 proposals
2) Contact us for info: 328 65 80 130, write to: info@EscursioniEtna.com or through the contact form

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Indirizzo Senza Civico -
Catania (Catania)

Mobile Phone: 3286580130

E-mail: info@escursionietna.com

Website: http://www.escursionietna.com

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