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Excursions: Castello Di Schis˛

Country: Messina | Town: Giardini Naxos | Views: 4694

Excursions Castello Di Schis˛ Our castle, beautiful home, still picture in the old days and incredible testimony to be preserved, it is a place of the past for its walls and a place of the future for its intended use. Our Monumental Historic Site is in fact home to the Museum of MACS Catania, Sicily Contemporary Art Museum and often hosts valuable contemporary art exhibitions.

The visitor that begins a journey to Schis˛ Castle on the headland of ancient Naxos, may admire a place that has seen the sun rise over the many civilisations of the Mediterranean. The fortification was built to preside over the bay of Naxos but in 1800s it was extended into a fine, noble building from where one could enjoy the view of Taormina and the blue of the surrounding sea.
Who accesses it still can read between the stones of its ancient walls, like the pages of an old, charmingly manuscript, throughout history, rulers and battles that have left indelible mark in time.

Castle Schis˛ , monument of great extent developed within the promontory of Naxos , behind a splendid century facade conceals a veritable fortress with a large courtyard , towers and halls of ancient building . With great efforts it was possible to make available a part of the castle but the long and painstaking restoration of the monument is still in progress . Being able to access it for now is to take a step back into a past century in which gentlemen and ladies in crinoline seem to be able to walk around at any moment in the charming courtyard that instantly brings to mind the atmosphere fascinating and decadent "Il Gattopardo " Tomasi di Lampedusa .

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Via Lungomare Schiso 28 -
Giardini Naxos (Messina)

Mobile Phone: 0942/52579

E-mail: info@castellodischiso.it

Website: http://www.castellodischiso.it

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