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Excursions: Associazione Culturale Eventi D'Arte

Country: Catania | Town: Caltagirone | Views: 5266

Excursions Associazione Culturale Eventi D'Arte The Cultural Association "Art Events" Caltagirone, presents the famous nativity of socio M. Iatrino.
He has twenty years experience in manufacturing presepistiche exhibitions of high artistic value.
His main works are: The Nativity animated clay and fabric, the cotton crib with animation, enriched with effects in optical fibers and particular scenes as the effect aquarium and the snow. This year he made a crib at the highest artistic value is the size of the parties to the animation: "The birth of Jesus' crib in human stature and finally moving the crib lights along Via Luigi Sturzo.
The works of our member are advertised by many other association Caltagirone.
Over the years his work has reached such a level of perfection so as to attract the attention of TV and national newspapers.
All the characters of the various cribs are made entirely by hand with great painstaking work by the artist so that the terracotta figurines is that cotton can not be purchased in various workshops since made exclusively for these exhibitions.
We must also add that in addition to animation, has also taken care of the clothing of the various characters as well as the ability of expression of their faces, making the atmosphere almost surreal experience to visitors by feelings of emotion and devout recollection. We invite you to come in Caltagirone, a beautiful and memorable day, enjoy our traditions presepistiche, culinary and ceramics.
Our Association is concerned over which to spread the tradition of the Nativity also to promote the area with educational tours of the city, cultural demonstrations and tastings of typical products.
For any further information please call us, we are waiting !!

the President
Iatrino Alessio

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Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Luigi Sturzo, 58 - 95041
Caltagirone (Catania)

Mobile Phone: 0933/53189

Fax: 0933/53189

E-mail: eventiarte@icloud.com

Website: http://eventiartecaltagirone.it/

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