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Rent a car: Sicily Ncc

Country: Catania | Town: San Gregorio di Catania | Views: 2285

Rent a car Sicily Ncc The NCC Sicily brothers Casella offers a rental service with driver in Sicily, with registered office at Catania.

Our work is aimed at businesses, professionals and individuals, ensuring maximum punctuality, courtesy, luxury vehicles and always in perfect stato.I Our vehicles are equipped with every comfort available on the market, to offer guests a relaxing service.

Every driver of Sicily NCC will take charge of your needs and will be able also to advise you with competence and zeal about routes, restaurants, tourist attractions and tours of the city.

The driver of Sicily NCC is a professional who has passed all the exams for conducting this activity is therefore in possession of the certificate of professional competence and joined the drivers set up role at the local Chamber of Commerce of Catania, and all means and provided with an authorization issued by the city above.

Accepted Payment Methods

Thanks to the POS on board, we are able to accept payment by credit card MasterCard«, Visa«, American Express« and Bancomat«. We also accept payments via PayPal.

Guaranteeing maximum safety.

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Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Umberto59 - 95027
San Gregorio di Catania (Catania)

Mobile Phone: 3482224579

E-mail: info@sicilyncc.it

Website: http://www.sicilyncc.it

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