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Rent a car: Centraltaxi Soc Coop

Country: Siracusa | Town: Siracusa | Views: 2277

Rent a car Centraltaxi Soc Coop Radio Taxi Siracusa 1795 service appointment or call direct for getting around the city and suburban services to any destination
Rental service with driver
wedding services
Urban trips to document procedures
Transfer airports and ports
Journeys for meetings and conferences
Sightseeing tours (with guide on request)
Excursions to religious
Signing of contracts and agreements for the transport of persons
Availability 24h / 24h
Wi Fi Free
Payment by Credit Cards

Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Grammichele 42 - 96100
Siracusa (Siracusa)

Mobile Phone: 333/1448761

Fax: 0931492356

E-mail: info@centraltaxi.it

Website: http://www.centraltaxi.it

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