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Rent a car: Ass. Vip Service Sicily

Country: Catania | Town: Catania | Views: 7157

Rent a car Ass. Vip Service Sicily The VIP SERVICE SICILY
Our firm operates in the sector of the tourism from over 10 years, during which
we have developed a notable experience and consolidated a mark of prestige.
For this motive the most greater tour operator, aerial companies and travel
agencies are submitted to our competence, seriousness, reliability and punctuality.
In fact VIP SERVICE SICILY contains the most important characteristics of which
a service has need. We have qualified personnel, as well as of cars that can also
satisfy the most refined demands. All of our cars are equipped with systems to the
state-of-the-art one that you allow to travel in all safety.

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Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Vescovo Maurizio - 95100
Catania (Catania)

Mobile Phone: 349/5778209

Fax: 095/2884990

E-mail: graziano.cascio@libero.it

Website: http://www.vipservicesicily.com

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