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Typical Products: Vino Alla Mandorla. Antico Caffe San Giorgio

Country: Messina | Town: Castelmola | Views: 22033

Typical Products Vino Alla Mandorla. Antico Caffe San Giorgio As far back as 1700, when Castelmola was only one of those small villages where a group of families lived, Caffè Blandano began as a tavern with its name as homage to the patron saint San Giorgio. Then in the early 20th century, with the arrival of the first tourists to Sicily and the increased interest in Taormina, the Blandano family quite rightly thought of offering visitors something more than a simple glass of wine. It was in this period that Don Vincenzo Blandano created the aromatic almond wine which was called “Blandanino”, a mysterious dark amber-coloured alcohol in which various fragrances and tastes of Sicily were blended, among which were almond, zibibbo, aromas, orange flowers and perhaps also jasmine…

Others tried to reproduce this mysterious elixir but nobody managed to obtain the same taste that is still to be found among the shelves of Caffè San Giorgio in the numbered bottles of special reserve of Blandanino… another tradition handed down by Mr. Blandano to the new proprietors (f.lli Intelisano) is that of giving all the tourists who arrive at Castelmola the opportunity of tasting the sweet elixir whilst enjoying the wonderful panorama over the sea, Taormina and Calabria…

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Piazza Santantonino - 98030
Castelmola (Messina)

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