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Typical Products: Biscottificio Pasticceria Mocciaro

Country: Palermo | Town: Cefalu | Views: 11032

At Cefalu ', there is a small and dynamic company confectionery: the BISCOTTIFICIO PASTICCERIA MOCCIARO Since 1975, the year of its founding, our company has specialized in the production of biscuits known goodness', the oldest building on the tradition of local recipes handed down in tempo.Dal link between past (represented by the wise rieleborazione recipes of yesteryear) and present (which are expressions of the techniques and methods of production more 'modern adopted) was born as a wide range of production of biscuits, to meet to a demanding of gourmets. By the expert hands of the members of our family, it is a mainly a family company, are made every day
biscuits, with the help of a system which still features craft.
We have a wide range of fragrant biscuits breakfast, tasty
tea pastries and chocolate with almonds, which have always collect a large success with our loyal customers.
At what 'are also added to reduced-calorie products, designed specifically for those with special dietary needs.
And above all we like to focus on our most prized production of desserts with almonds, the flagship of our company, to do so much appreciated 'Foreign and we can not forget our: Panettone and Colombe typically craft of various tastes and also stuffed. All this and much more, is achieved through the use of ingredients
carefully selected to ensure the goodness' and the genuineness of our
products, just like those that our tradition handed down.
The seriousness', commitment and passion that animate our teamwork
close-knit and compact, are the guarantee that every day since 1975 to offer
the public. Our products are designed to achieve goals more and more 'high, for
gain more and more 'large number of "tastes" of gourmands and gourmets.

Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via F.juvara N17 - 90015
Cefalu (Palermo)

Mobile Phone: 3382449264

E-mail: biscottimocciaro@libero.it

Website: http://www.mocciaro.it

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