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Farmhouses: Agriturismo Terrenia

Country: Messina | Town: Taormina | Views: 12050

Farmhouses Agriturismo Terrenia
A completely refurbished old winery,
a nook surrounded by mountain peaks,
where the imposing San Marco Castle stands,
immersed in a fertile green area where
the mythological Alcantara river runs through.

The farmhouse has got a wide terrace
and beyond it there are hectares of green,
delimited by tall Pecan-nut trees.
All the old spaces have been refurbished and rearranged,
just as they used to be, those spaces belonging to the farmers and their labour,
which meant working together, and this gave a special flavour to the land produce.

The atmosphere is really rural and rich in scents and sounds which are typically Sicilian…
the smell of zagara when the citrus grove is in blossom, the cicadas,
and the myriad of different birds ranging from blackbirds and goldfinches to woodpeckers,
whose singing enlivens this spot so far away from the town’s noise.
Terrenia, even with its rural atmosphere, is not forgetful of the importance of a distinctive style and elegant touch, at the basis of an excellent reception.

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Info and contactsInfo and contacts

Via Filomena Sn - 98039
Taormina (Messina)

Mobile Phone: 0942/52949

Fax: 0942/556229

E-mail: info@agriturismoterrenia.it

Website: http://www.agriturismoterrenia.it

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